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CC Cream vs Foundation: What's the Difference?

CC Cream vs Foundation: What's the Difference?

Wondering the difference between IT Cosmetics cc cream vs foundation? Read our guide to see whether cc cream or foundation is best for you. Learn more.

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Whether you prefer a fresh, minimal makeup look, full coverage glamour, or something in between - a perfect base is always essential. But with so many base makeup products available, it can be hard to sift through all your options to figure out what to use for your desired makeup style. Each kind of product, like CC cream or foundation, will bring a different impact to your makeup look, but how can you tell which one suits your preferences? We’ve put together this guide to give you all the answers you need to decide if CC cream or foundation is best for you.

How to choose between CC cream and foundation

When applied correctly, both CC cream and foundation can help create a flawless base for the rest of your makeup. Both products come in a range of coverage options, from light to medium to full, while CC cream is often formulated with skincare ingredients and is generally a lightweight option.

So, is CC cream better than foundation? It really depends on your skin’s needs and how you like to wear your makeup - so let’s look at the differences between cc cream and foundation.


  • CC creams have a lightweight formula and are formulated with skincare ingredients. They contain colour correcting pigments which makes each shade flexible to suit a few different skin tones.
  • Foundations usually come in a wide shade range to accommodate an exact shade match and come in a variety of formulas like serums, creams, and powders. 


What is CC Cream?

CC creams are complexion correction creams that help to even out skin tone and are often packed with skincare ingredients. So, as they’re used for colour correction, can CC cream be used as foundation? IT Cosmetics CC creams can, as they look like makeup while acting like skin care. Each of our three formulas are full coverage with anti-ageing benefits and SPF protection. Let’s unpack the differences in the formulas and find out how to pick the right one for you.

Hο»Ώow to apply CC cream

Because of their lightweight formulation, CC creams apply differently to foundations. So, if you’re new to CC cream, it’s time to experiment with your technique and see what works best for you. Here are our tips to get you started:

  • IT Cosmetic's CC Creams have foundation-like coverage when applied with a dense, fluffy brush. We recommend the Heavenly Luxe Foundation & Concealer Perfection Brush 7 - it’s dual ends make it versatile for all areas of the face. 
  • For lighter coverage colour correction, dot the product onto your chin, nose, forehead and cheeks and blend out with your hands by pressing it into the skin.

What is foundation?

Foundation is the most common base makeup product and comes in a wide range of shades and consistencies, like liquid, powder, cream, stick and serums. Here are a couple of key differences between cc cream and foundation:


  • Formulation: While CC creams are by nature cream-based, foundations can be found in a variety of formulations.
  • Heaviness: You’ll find that most CC creams are lightweight regardless of coverage level, while foundations can vary.

The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare is available in 40 shades and has everything you need in a foundation, plus more. It’s a buildable medium coverage formula that creates radiance in the skin through its micro-fine pearl powder. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, vitamins E and B5 help keep your skin moisturised, hydrated and soft.

ο»ΏHow to apply foundation

When applying foundation as your base makeup we always recommend first preparing your skin first with the holy grail trio: moisturiser, SPF and primer. If you’re using one of the IT Cosmetics cc creams as foundation, or any other full-coverage look, prepping the skin will help your makeup last longer. Next, follow our steps to apply foundation:

  1. Use your favourite IT Cosmetics makeup brush to apply an even layer of the Your Skin But Better Foundation across the face.
  2. Set your makeup with a dusting of face powder before finishing of the rest of your look.
  3. Finally, lock in your entire makeup look with setting spray.

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