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How To Reduce Dry Skin in Winter

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As the temperature drops, our skin texture and feel begins to change. Unlike the excessive dewiness and ‘glow’ of a summer face, colder conditions can lead to dry winter skin. Before even developing a winter skin care routine and deciphering the best skin tips for winter complexions, it’s important to acknowledge the external factors that are contributing to your changing skin texture. For nourished skin season-to-season, we’re here to educate you on exactly what products to use (and which habits to instil) for a healthier, plumper, more hydrated visage in the colder months.

Increased Skin Dryness in Winter

How do you keep skin glowing in winter? Well, it can first start by modifying some external factors at play. As temperatures drop and heaters get turned on, the dry air draws moisture away from skin, which can cause dry or cracked skin symptoms. Therefore, it’s paramount to adapt your daily morning and night-time skincare regime to target and remedy dry winter skin.

The biggest culprit of tight, flaky skin in the cold is dry air — dry air equals dry skin. When the crisp, harsh and cold winter air lacks the humidity and warmth of the summer, it can quickly deplete the skin of moisture. Even when indoors, excessive use of heaters in winter can dry the air inside your home, office or wherever else you’re hibernating.

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Habits to Help Your Dry Skin in Winter

So, how do you go from dry skin in winter to a quenched, glowing appearance? To soothe your dry winter skin, we’ve developed a list of basic habits you can adopt when your complexion needs moisture most. From rich skincare products to focusing on nourishing makeup, and an important reminder for consistent SPF use, here are IT Cosmetics’ essential skin care tips for dry skin in winter. Bracing for the cold doesn’t mean sacrificing a healthy and hydrated complexion. 

Avoid taking long, hot showers

One of the greatest skin care tips for winter is a preventative measure — that’s minimising your face’s exposure to hot, high-pressure water in the shower. To remedy dehydrated skin, try keeping your neck and above out of direct fire from the shower water (as much as you can). Why? Because the colder the temperature, the more likely we are to turn up the heat of our showers without considering the damage it can cause to the skin. Hot water actually disrupts the keratin cells that are located on the most outer layer of our skin, preventing those cells from locking in much-needed moisture.

To remedy your tight skin and reframe your rituals, try cleansing the face at your bathroom basin as opposed to in the shower. Our Confidence in a Cleanser is the perfect hybrid between a makeup remover (for PM winter skincare routines), cleanser and serum all-in-one. This multi-benefits product leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and balanced. After your shower, simply remove your makeup and refresh your complexion with warm — not hot — water. This sulfate and soap-free facial cleanser will instantly remove all traces of makeup, too — even waterproof eye makeup — and help to visibly improve your dry winter skin.

Use a moisturiser that targets dry skin

A seriously hydrating and high-performing moisturiser is one of the most crucial steps in an effective winter skin care routine. This is the replenishment your face will be craving after exposure to dry winter air and indoor heating. Our Confidence in a Cream Face Moisturiser & Day Cream is suitable for every skin type, offering up to 24 hours of all-out hydration. This morning or evening cream gives your skin a glowing, rejuvenated look, even in the cold. To apply for the best possible results in winter, use sweeping motions and smooth the product gently onto face, neck, décolleté and anywhere else your skin needs moisture.

Switch to hydrating makeup products

While we’re searching for the most effective winter skin care tips, we often overlook the role makeup plays in the condition of our skin. It’s possible that the makeup you’re using could be further drying out your tight and uncomfortable cold-weather complexion. When it comes to makeup products, look for base formulas that provide nourishment in addition to ample coverage. The Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare ticks these boxes, fusing skin care with makeup to leave an instantly radiant finish on the face. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, plus vitamins E & B5, this hard-working foundation is lightweight and suitable for all skin types. 

Don't stop using SPF during winter

Even in the thick of winter, through snow, frost and rain, don’t forget to apply SPF. While the sun isn’t as hot or apparent, and our limbs are mostly covered, your dry winter skin still needs protection from prevalent UVA — that’s UV-Ageing in the world of dermatology. There may be less UVB in wintertime, but UVA levels are abundant year-round and can significantly age the skin. One of the smartest skin tips for winter is to layer your base SPF skin care product with makeup that contains high UVA coverage also. The Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50 does just that - offering a hydrating anti-ageing serum, and that integral broad spectrum protection. Remember, SPF is a year-round, everyday commitment to healthy and shielded skin.

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