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There are those who wiggle, some who double coat, and others who simply smile and hope for the best. We're talking about mastering your mascara technique, and it's totally easier said than done. Whatever camp you sit in, know that your mascara application is about to get oh-so smoother. Today, weโ€™re twisting the lid on our best kept mascara secrets, so you can leave your falsies at the door. If youโ€™re looking for the best way to apply mascara, read our mascara tips below.

Why wear mascara?

Mascara enhances the eyes, big time. Not only does it help to darken lashes, but itโ€™s also a superstar when it comes to lengthening and volumising, leaving you with that doe-eyed gaze youโ€™ve been looking for. The best thing about mascara is that just one coat can make a big difference, and itโ€™s super easy to apply once youโ€™ve nailed the right technique.

How to apply mascara

For all the new beauty lovers out there, welcome to how to apply mascara for beginners. As for the big question: how to put on mascara? Luckily, itโ€™s not rocket science. By following these three simple steps and reading our top mascara tips, youโ€™ll soon be on your way to swoon-worthy lashes.

  • step 1: Curl lashes with a curler.
  • step 2: Use an eyelash primer.
  • step 3: Apply the mascara from root to tip.
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Step 1: Curl lashes with a curler

Focusing on the ends and corners, use an eyelash curler. This will help the mascara formula to latch on and do its thing. (Never, ever underestimate the power of an eyelash cureler!)

One of the best mascara tips is to know your lash type before you purchase a lash curler. From different materials like metal or plastic to varying shapes and sizes that cater for all kinds of lashes, it helps to pick a tool that's (basically) tailor made for your lashes.

Step 2: Use an eyelash primer

Just like you would apply a face primer or an eyeshadow primer, a lash primer is the secret to fuller lashes that are here for a long time (and a good time). Lash primers can also thwart clumps from appearing, creating a smoother surface so your mascara will glide on more easily.

Post-primer, wait about 30 seconds for the primer to dry before swiping on your mascara. This will allow the primer time to sink in.

Step 3: Apply the mascara from root to tip

So, how to apply mascara properly? Weโ€™ve got you covered. Starting at the root of your upper lashes, wiggle the wand back and forth to coat each lash with the attention it deserves. You can layer on up to three coats, but stop while youโ€™re ahead, or clumping will rear its fickle head.

Tip: The โ€˜wiggleโ€™ technique is pretty much what it sounds like. Basically, you wiggle the wand back and forth at the lash roots, then pull upwards to the tips. Just remember to be gentle with your lashes when getting your wiggle on.

Our best mascara recommendations

It doesnโ€™t take a superhero cape to see lash-lifting results. With hair stimulating biotin, peptides and pro-vitamin B5, you can make a statement with the Superhero Volumising Waterproof Mascara โ€“ because life-proof formulas never go out of style. This 24-hour superhero will coat your lashes from root to tip โ€ฆ But it doesnโ€™t end there. Watch and learn as the Lash Changing Power Brush dials up the drama to lift and separate.

If youโ€™re looking to lengthen short or sparse eyelashes, try our best selling Superhero Lengthening Mascara. Enriched with hydrolysed collagen to support hair elasticity and smoothness, biotin for healthier-looking lashes and peptides to help brittle lashes appear softer, this super-buildable formula will make others stop and stare to marvel at the artwork. (Itโ€™s you. Youโ€™re the artwork.)


Mascara tips to remember

  • Apply all other eye makeup first. This means your eyeshadow, your eyeliner and even your concealer.
  • Say no to clumping. Simply twist the wand our of its tube and wipe off the excess product.
  • Swipe onto both sides. We're not just talking about your upper and lower lashes...we're talking about both sides of the actual hair! Start by applying mascara to the inside, then brush the mascara on the outer side, from the root to the tip to get that coveted curl.
  • Never used expires mascara. Mascara is formulated to last between 3 to 6 months. We know it can be hard to part ways with a half-full mascara, but using any makeup product past its expiration date is never a good idea for your skin. (Plus a new mascara will coat more easily.)
  • Use a gentle cleanser to remove your mascara. Most mascaras are designed to last for hours, so they can be difficult to remove come sunset. Oil-based cleansers are your best bet, and remember to be gentle with your eye area. No scrubbing necessary!

Gone are the days of staring blankly at the mirror, asking yourself how to put on mascara - because youโ€™re the pro-level expert now. As for whatโ€™s next? Itโ€™s time to live your best lash life.

Now that you know how to use mascara (and have added โ€˜lash expertโ€™ to your CV) discover our ultimate guide to shaping eyebrows.

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