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How to Cover Redness on Skin From Acne Or Rosacea

How To Find The Right

Skin redness is a common skin concern and can be caused by a variety of factors if not managed properly – including acne-prone skin and rosacea. It’s something our founder Jamie Kern Lima has struggled with for years, searching for products that would assist in covering up skin redness, without the onset of makeup creasing throughout the day. 

Every single morning, it would take me a long time just to get coverage - and if I got coverage, I would then pray it didn’t crease and crack”. This concern led to Jamie dedicating herself to finding, testing, and producing skin solutions that would effectively help to combat visible skin redness. 

Whether it’s a daily concern or a sudden occurrence, learning how to best cover up rosacea requires a targeted and efficacious skincare and makeup regimen. Ahead, we detail steps and products for skin redness that can be incorporated into your lifestyle routine to help prevent stubborn and visible signs of redness on skin. 

Makeup & Skincare Routines for Skin Redness

As with most visible skin concerns, there are targeted solutions that can help to cover up symptoms of red-acne prone skin without a build of product. Facial redness remains individual to the person and can present itself on a scale, regardless of the condition itself. If you’re wondering how to cover up facial redness, it’s important to first know whether you only experience red skin around the cheeks or the entirety of your complexion. To help gain a balanced, even complexion, we’ve compiled a simplified regimen below to conceal any signs of skin redness you may be experiencing day to day. 

STEP 1: Prep Skin with a Targeted Face Serum & Gentle Moisturiser

Before applying makeup to cover redness, a solid base is important to ensure products can be applied effectively. With the use of gentle, efficacious ingredients, concerns like blemishes can be slowly managed. Skin redness and blemishes can be attributed to clogged pores, which is why we recommend using our Bye Bye Pores Glycolic Acid Face Serum once a day. Containing 10% glycolic acid and infused with hyaluronic serum, it works to gently exfoliate the skin, leading to a smoother texture while minimising the appearance of pores. 

After applying serum, a gentle moisturiser is important to seal in ingredients. The Confidence in a Cream Face Moisturiser & Day Cream works on all skin types and offers 24-hour hydration. Enriched with ceramides, anti-ageing collagen, and peptides it helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier which protects the skin from its surrounding environment. 

STEP 2: Choose the Best Concealer to Cover up Redness

The best concealer for redness is one that achieves great coverage but won’t crease or crack – especially around the more delicate areas of the face. Enter the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, a full coverage concealer designed for pigmentation. Long lasting and waterproof, this concealer for redness is infused with Expression Proof™ Technology for skin hydration purposes. When you’re using a concealer such as this regularly, you’ll be glad to know it also contains nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen and anti-ageing peptides for instant hydration. 

STEP 3: Use a Colour-Correcting CC Cream or Foundation

When trying to cover up red skin, you’ll definitely need the help of a full-coverage base. Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50 works to colour correct skin, achieving a natural finish that visible improves the appearance of discolouration. Based on your needs, this CC cream offers the advantage of an anti-ageing serum and full coverage foundation, with the added benefit of UV protection to protect and conceal the presence of skin redness. When choosing a CC cream, it’s important to pick the right one for your skin type along with your concerns. Have a read of our guide on how to pick the right CC cream for your skin type to help make your decision!  

If you’re after slightly lighter coverage, Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare is a medium coverage alternative. The buildable formula works to minimise the appearance of pores and signs of redness on skin while providing all day wear. 

STEP 4: Set Your Makeup for Long-Lasting Coverage

Considering you’ve no doubt invested time and energy into your makeup routine to cover up red acne or signs of rosacea – ensuring it stays on all day is just as important. For extended wear, Your Skin But Better Setting Spray works to hydrate and revitalise skin and can last up to 16 hours. Spray the mist a few times over your makeup and top up throughout the day for additional hydration. Infused with hyaluronic acid, coconut water, and aloe vera extract, our weightless setting spray provides comfort to skin, without the usual feeling of tightness. 

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