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Our Ultimate Guide on How to Shape Eyebrows

We’ve all struggled with brow shapes at one point or another. For many of us, our teen years meant being tweezer-happy, resulting in thin or ‘tadpole’ shaped eyebrows. Even now, brows can be unruly, uneven, or just tricky to pin down. Fear not! The perfect eyebrows are attainable for everyone – and the way to achieving them is simple (trust us). Learning to shape your eyebrows properly is worth the effort, and after your initial try, eyebrow shaping and grooming will become second nature. 

If you’ve put off learning how to shape your eyebrows up until now, consider this your sign. As IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima says, “your eyebrows are the most powerful feature of your face”. Read on for our step-by-step guide on eyebrow mapping to get the perfect eyebrows. 

Know Your Eyebrow Shape

Let’s start with the most obvious but often misunderstood eyebrow rule: brows are sisters, not twins! Assessing your brow shapes will empower you to pin down the perfect brows. By defining the particular start, arch and tail, you’ll understand the natural form you should work from. We suggest getting to understand how your eyebrows may differ, and not to try and replicate the exact same shape for both of them, as the end result can look quite unnatural. Perfecting eyebrow shapes for face is also important. The best eyebrow shape for round faces could have a subtler arch, and longer face shapes can benefit from length and an arch.

Eyebrow Shaping Tools

Eyebrow tools are plentiful. From brow gel to eyebrow pencils and even brow makeup, it can be challenging to know which product will get you your desired look. At IT Cosmetics, we want to eliminate the guesswork, so we’ve simplified your set. Our Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil is our perfect tool for creating the style you’re after – whether it be feathered, bold or natural brows. Each pencil comes in a universal shade that adjusts to hair colour. Our Eyebrow Pencil is also infused with brow-enhancing ingredients like biotin, saw palmetto and antioxidants, to keep your brow healthy appearance up. 

The other essential tools you’ll need for masterful sculpting are tweezers. Tweezers not only help to shape your brows through (careful) plucking, but can be used to map out your brow points before filling in with your pencil. Just remember not to overuse either tool – a beautiful brow is one that is allowed to be itself. 

How To Create Perfect Eyebrows

Creating the perfect brow begins with measuring up. The best eyebrow shape is your own, and understanding where it sits in line with your eyes will guide your brows to complement your other features. From there, you can fill your brows in – and if any mistakes happen along the way, there’s an easy fix! Your full-proof and simplified routine is below. 

1. Determine Where Your Brow Starts

To begin, take tweezers or your brow pencil and hold it vertically along the edge of your nose. Where the pencil lines up with your eyebrows is where your brow should start. Make a small mark here with your eyebrow pencil or filler of choice.

2. Find the Highest Part Of Your Arch

Next up is the ever-important arch. Place your pencil once more along the edge of your nose, and move it diagonally across your brow until it aligns with the iris (the coloured part of your eye). This spot is what should be the highest point of your arch. Make another mark here.

3. Locate The Tail of the Eyebrow

Move the pencil once more, this time holding it against the outer edge of your nose and the outer corner of our eye. This is where your eyebrow ends – any further out and it could affect a droopy look. Make one last mark here. 

4. Fill In Your Brows

Now for the fun part – filling! If you prefer a feathered look, go for small, light strokes of your eyebrow pencil to amplify a softer style. A bolder brow requires harder strokes, but be careful not to over-draw. Using the marks as a guide, begin to fill in the direction of your hairs. Once done, blend out each mark with a concealer brush.

5. Removing Mistakes

Uh-oh – is one stroke a little too adventurous? Not a problem. You can easily clean up your brows by using a spooly brush or smoothing concealer onto any marks that fall outside your borders, and then buffing away with a concealer brush. 

The Importance of Brow Grooming

Polished brows are groomed brows. If brow grooming sounds like another task you don’t have time for, think again. Adding two minutes to your post-shower routine to trim, tweeze, brush and fill your brows will help accentuate your features and define your gorgeous face. You can thank us later!


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