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What Does Setting Spray Do & Does it Work?

What Does Setting Spray Do & Does it Work?

Whether you prefer dewy, barely-there makeup or high impact, full coverage glam – it takes a lot of time and effort to perfect a makeup look. Nothing gets in the way of a good makeup day like catching your reflection in the mirror only to realise your masterpiece has creased, melted, or smudged. Enter setting spray, an essential makeup product for keeping everything in place and maintaining that oh-so-elusive freshly applied look.

Setting spray has come a long way in the last few years, and many people consider it a makeup must-have. If it hasn’t made its way into your beauty kit just yet, read on for everything you need to know about setting spray for makeup.

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What does setting spray do?

Setting spray goes by many names, so if you’ve never heard of it, makeup fixer spray or finishing spray might ring a bell. It’s a beauty product that harnesses the power of long wear ingredients and is misted over your face as the final step in makeup application. Setting spray aims to lock in complexion and eye makeup, helping each product to stay put and last. The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Setting Spray uses long-wear polymers that provide all-day hold while micronized mattifying powders transparently coat the skin to help absorb excess oils. Unlike typical setting sprays, the IT Cosmetics setting spray can support skin by providing weightless hydration, so your skin can feel as good as it looks.

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Do you need setting spray?

If you want to feel confident in knowing your makeup will last all day, setting spray is a vital step. No matter the makeup look, setting spray can provide a variety of benefits to the appearance and durability of your makeup, such as:

  • Extending the wear time of makeup 
  • Maintaining the look of freshly applied makeup.
  • Preventing makeup from smudging, sliding, and creasing.
  • Infusing your skin with lasting hydration.

Let’s explore how setting spray is distinct from other makeup products like primer and setting powder.

Do you use setting powder and setting spray?

You’d be forgiven for assuming setting powder and setting spray do the same thing, but they actually serve quite different purposes. We’re often asked about how various elements of complexion makeup like primer, setting powder, and setting spray differ from each other, so break it down.

  • Makeup primer goes on after moisturiser, filling in pores to smooth out texture and provide the perfect base for seamless makeup application.
  • Once the skin is prepped, you can apply liquid base makeup like the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, and use setting powder for shine control.
  • After complexion makeup is applied, makeup setting spray is used to lock it all in and ensure long lasting wear.
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Does setting spray work for all skin types?

Some setting sprays are formulated with ingredients are more suited to some skin types than others, so it’s important to consider your skin’s needs when selecting setting spray. The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better setting spray is enriched with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut water and aloe vera extract, making it suitable for a variety of skin types.

  • Dry or sensitive skin tends to love ultra-hydrating formulas, so the IT Cosmetics setting spray is ideal.
  • Oily skin can benefit from the micronized mattifying powders in our setting spray that can support oil control.
  • Mature skin is prone to makeup creasing, so the IT Cosmetics setting spray will help to keep makeup looking fresh and flawless.

How to apply setting spray

There are a number of ways to use the power of setting spray for different styles of makeup. No matter the look you’re going for, our favourite makeup setting spray tips can help you achieve longer lasting, fresher looking makeup.

  • To help create a flawless base, start with primer before applying liquid makeup and set everything in place with powder and a light misting of setting spray.
  • Barely-there makeup looks and lightweight liquid products can wear off quickly, so help your makeup last by spritzing your face with setting spray as the final step in your routine.
  • To extend the life of a fuller coverage look and infuse your makeup with hydration, add setting spray to your makeup brush or beauty sponge before applying liquid makeup.

  • Setting spray is an important step in accomplishing a lasting look, but foundation plays a role too, so discover how to choose the right foundation for your skin type.

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