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Whatโ€™s the key to healthy, dewy skin? Moisture. When your skin is parched and lacking hydration, it often results in a dry, dull complexion. Addressing this common skin issue is where squalane shines. You may be unfamiliar with squalane (for now) but youโ€™ll soon make this powerhouse ingredient a mainstay in your skincare routine. Squalane boasts numerous benefits, from helping to deliver skin hydration, to fighting free radicals and reducing hyperpigmentation. Here weโ€™ll take you through the ins and outs of squalane for skin.

What is squalane for skin?

First, letโ€™s go back to the origins of squalane. You may have already heard of squalane, one of the bodyโ€™s natural lipids thatโ€™s found in skin oil (sebum). Squalane makes up around 10-12 per cent of the oil on your skin, so it plays a key role in the appearance of your complexion.

Squalane (with an โ€˜aโ€™) is a derivative of squalane, and both are used in skincare as an emollient and antioxidant. The main difference between the two is that squalane undergoes a hydrogenation process which makes the ingredient more stable in skincare formulations. This ensures that it is not subject to oxidation (a process which can change the chemical structure of the ingredients in a product) to ensure maximum efficacy.

Top benefits of squalane for skin

What does squalane do for skin? Essentially, squalane is a supercharged moisturiser due to its highly effective hydrating properties - it mimics your skinโ€™s natural oils and acts as a barrier, trapping moisture in the skin. Added to skincare formulas, the ingredient keeps you feeling plumped, smoothed and nourished. Squalaneโ€™s hydration-boosting properties can be a boon for dry skin in winter and year-round. However, this isnโ€™t the only factor that makes it such a skincare must.

1. It supplies lightweight hydration

For many of us, keeping our skin optimally hydrated is a constant priority in our skincare regimen. Squalane works well to target this as itโ€™s an effective emollient, helping to lock moisture in to the skin. The added benefit of squalane for skin is that itโ€™s lightweight in texture, making it suitable for all complexion types including oily. If youโ€™re finding your skin could use an extra dose of hydration, try Confidence in a Cream Supercharged Hydrating Moisturiser which contains squalane and delivers up to 48 hours of moisture.

2. Itโ€™s an antioxidant

Sun, pollution, smoke and stress are all factors that can produce free radicals, which can in turn cause damage to skin and lead to premature signs of ageing and dark spots. Consider antioxidants as the superheroes that fight free radicals, essentially neutralising them so they cannot cause cellular damage. Squalane is one such powerful antioxidant. This hero ingredient can fight skin damage and improve the appearance of your skin tone over time, including fading the look of dark spots.

3. It strengthens the skin moisture barrier

Your skin consists of several layers, and the outermost layer is the skin moisture barrier โ€“ sometimes known by its other name, the โ€˜stratum corneumโ€™. The skin moisture barrierโ€™s job is to help the skin retain water and stay moist, while also protecting it from the elements. If your moisture barrier is compromised youโ€™ll often see it outwardly with skin that is red, dry, itchy or flaky. To help prevent this, youโ€™ll need to strengthen the skin barrier. Squalane for skin performs this role by nurturing the skin barrier, helping it to do its most important job (keeping environmental stressors at bay), while also keeping the skin hydrated.

4. Itโ€™s good for different skin types

One of the benefits of squalane for skin is that it works well with different skin types. Itโ€™s effective at delivering a moisture boost, making it perfect for dry skin. It is also non-comedogenic which makes it an ideal fit for those with oily or acne-prone skin as it wonโ€™t block or clog pores. Lightweight and gentle, squalane is also able to work harmoniously with a variety of complexions, even the most sensitive.

5. It reduces visible signs of ageing

A lack of hydration often leads to skin exhibiting the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. So itโ€™s imperative to give your skin a big dose of moisture daily. As weโ€™ve already mentioned, one of many squalane benefits is that it is a highly effective emollient that helps lock in moisture. One of the best defences for minimising the appearance of the tell-tale ageing signs is using nourishing, moisturising ingredients, and the addition of squalane ensures that the skin remains optimally hydrated.


How to build squalane into a skincare regime

Introducing squalane into your day or night skincare routine doesnโ€™t have to be difficult. In fact, it doesnโ€™t require the addition of any extra steps, but simply using a product that heroes it in order to reap the benefits of squalane for skin.

    1. Cleanser: Some cleansers are formulated with squalane to capitalise on its valuable hydration abilities during your first skincare step. Confidence in a Cleanser contains squalane to give your skin a thorough cleanse and skin-loving hydration in one multi-tasking product.
    2. Moisturiser: Once youโ€™ve cleansed your skin thoroughly, apply any serums next. Afterwards, you can move onto moisturiser. Product such as the Confidence in a Cream Supercharged Hydrating Moisturiser feature squalane benefits including long-lasting hydration and compatibility with most skin types.
    3. SPF (AM only): Be sure to finish your routine with a 50+ SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun each morning.

Whatโ€™s the difference between hydrated and moisturised skin? Check out our guide on hydrating skin vs moisturising skin to ensure youโ€™re getting this important step right when it comes to your skincare routine.

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