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Eyebrow Makeup

Give your brows the definition they deserve with eyebrow products specific to fill, shape and sculpt your brows. Discover budge-proof brow products that beautifully enhance your natural shape.

2 products
2 products
Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil

Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil

Universal Shade - Budge-Proof - Natural-Looking

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SuperPower Eyes Bundle Super Value Set

SuperPower Eyes Bundle Super Value Set

Combine Two Super Products! Valued at $76, You Save 10%

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The perfect eyebrows are attainable for everyone – and the way to achieving them is simple (trust us). Learning to shape your eyebrows properly is worth the effort, and after your initial try, eyebrow shaping and grooming will become second nature. 

Define, Sculpt and Shape Your Brows to Perfection With our Budge-Proof Eyebrow Makeup

Enhance the form of brows with precision-giving shapers that accentuate your natural eyebrow beauty and celebrate your features. Whether you’re after fluffy, feathered or sculpted brows, our eyebrow makeup is your new best friend.

Brows add definition to and draw attention to our eyes, cheekbones and complement our face shape. With our eyebrow makeup, your brows will always look their best. Fill out sparse areas or extend the length of your eyebrows without giving anything away. Our eyebrow liner offers natural hair strokes that help you to shape your brows into your desired style. With light strokes in an upwards direction, you can fill out any area for flawless brow length and thickness. 

For natural brows, a few swipes of a brow pencil and brush is all you need. Shop our eyebrow pencil for an easy and quick brow routine that holds your brows in place all day. Going for a bolder brow? Brow shaping doesn’t need to be tricky - with the right tools, you’ll feel like a professional. For angled, arched or rounded brows, use our eyebrow makeup to define the desired shape and set it in place. 

The perfect companion to your volume-giving mascara, our eyebrow makeup does all the work so that you can step out in confidence, every single day. If your makeup style is full-faced or natural, no routine is complete without seamless and stunning brows. Make sure you get it right every time, with luxe brow makeup that works to accentuate your own natural beauty. 

For gorgeous natural eyebrows that take centre stage with next to no effort, shop our eyebrow pencil and brush products. 

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